The Caravan Design & Lightweight Leisure Awards 2019

We bring you the full results of the Caravan Design & Lightweight Leisure Awards

William Coleman

When it comes to buying high ticket items such as vehicles, homes or a combo of the two like caravans you really do not want to rush is. Once upon a time I was guilty of seeing the most attractive looking thing with a price tag and then throwing my money at it. As I grew I started to see the value in doing the research and listening to the experts. With that in mind we bring to you the 2019 Caravan Design Awards from the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

Each year on the Friday of the October NEC Motorhome and Caravan show the Caravan and Motorhome Club host their annual award ceremony to highlight and congratulate the work and effort that goes into producing some of the best caravans the UK market can buy. And we were in attendance for the event!

The purpose of the Awards is to provide guidance for Club members who are looking to change their current caravan or trailer tent. The Club’s Award results are always eagerly anticipated for this very reason. The Caravan Design and Lightweight Leisure Awards offer fair, independent and objective assessments of the vehicles submitted for scrutiny. All caravan and lightweight trailer manufacturers, importers and dealers are invited to submit entries.

The panel of independent Judges for the Caravan Design Awards follow rigorous scoring checklists. Judges assess everything from sitting comfort, standing headroom, kitchen design, storage, switches, wiring, security, repair and warranty arrangements to general safety.

There were some surprises at this year’s awards which had attendants from major manufacturers from all across the UK such as: Bailey, Swift, Coachman, Elddis and many more. In attendance were dealers such as Lowdhams and Broadlanes to name a few who had their eye and taking home Dealer Special category wins.

Also being recognised and awarded at this year’s event were Lightweight Leisure vehicles such as trailer tents, pop tops and folding campers. With the rise of the caravan holiday getting bigger each year we are seeing a real boost in sales for the lightweight touring home.

The show was opened by Caravan and Motorhome Club Director General and hosted by Grenville Chamberlain, The Club’s Chairman, who was delighted to hand the awards to the winners of each category.

So without further adieu here are this year’s winners of the Caravan Design and the Lightweight Leisure Awards 2019:

Now onto the leisure vehicles who’s rise in popularity seems to know no bounds, the lightweight leisure category. As I mentioned before these vehicles seem to be a good getaway vehicle to get into the world of caravan and motorhome holidays. From the sites I have visited, and festivals, the lightweight leisure vehicle seems to be very popular amongst the younger holiday makers.