Adria caravans

Adria is synonymous with caravans, having been building them since the 1960s and selling more than 500,000 units since then. Adria touring vehicles come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, but all feature design ideas developed through decades of innovation.

Whether you’re looking to escape for weekends away as a couple or longer trips with the whole family, there’s an Adria caravan for you. Each van has been imagined with a purpose in mind, from adventurous outdoor activities to ultimate luxury.

As well as an attention to detail, Adria follows high-level sustainability practices, giving those who love to get out into nature peace of mind over preserving the planet.

History of Adria

Adria launched its caravans on the holiday-going world in 1965 with the Adria 375 model in all its 1960s glory. The rounded corners of the 375 have been mirrored in Adria models throughout the years. That first caravan was exported from Slovenia, where it was manufactured, to Sweden, where it surely went on many adventures.

In 1986 the fourth generation of Adria caravans hit the market, all badged with a new tricolour logo, a version of which has been used by the brand ever since. Ten years later the company would officially become Adria Mobil as it released the Unica line of caravans. Today’s models follow in this great tradition.

Adria today

Adria’s modern caravans are a culmination of everything the company has learned from decades of designing leisure vehicles. They have a reputation for being well-built and feature the brand’s own Comprex construction system, which boasts the torsional strength of wood, the durability of polyurethane and the water resistant properties of polyester.

The company’s caravans can be used all year round due to meeting its strict thermo-build standards, while there is a selection of heating systems utilised throughout the range’s various models.

Adria prides itself on sustainability and good working practices, having met the criteria of the International Organization for Standardization in environmental management. It is also a family-friendly enterprise, with 18 measures in place to allow all Adria staff to enjoy a fulfilling work-life balance.

Current ranges

  • Astella