Swift motorhomes

Swift is the biggest manufacturer of leisure vehicles in the UK, with a massive annual turnover of £270 million. Its motorhomes are imagined at its head offices in East Yorkshire and enjoyed by holidaymakers all over the world.

As well as building and selling motorhomes, Swift also has an arm that hires them under its Swift Go banner. Whether you want to try out the motorhome lifestyle or are already hooked but not looking to commit, you can pick a model up from any one of the brand’s depots in Edinburgh, Manchester, Stockport or London Heathrow.

History of Swift

It all started for Swift in 1964 when two Kens put their heads together and built a caravan. What Ken Smith and Ken Day came up with was called The Ten and it sold for £289, thus launching the business. The Clubman and Valken followed Swiftly and Ken Smith bought his partner out, turning the brand into a family business with his wife Joan.

Swift launched its first motorhome in 1985 when the coachbuilt Kon-Tiki made a big splash in the leisure vehicle market. As well as proving popular in the UK, it was a hit in Sweden and Denmark, proving the brand’s appeal internationally.

Swift today

These days, Swift has 37 models for you to choose from across six ranges, meaning there’s a motorhome with your specific needs in mind. Different versions of each model means you can select the vehicle with the right number of berths for you.

Swift’s motorhomes give a good first impression with their sleek exterior designs, but they hold up to closer scrutiny too. From panoramic sunroofs to rear reversing cameras, there’s innovation at every turn. Inside, the living spaces have been tried and tested for maximum convenience and style, so you won’t be disappointed after the glam exterior of these motorhomes has wowed you.

Current ranges

  • Swift Edge
    Escape Compact
    Kon-Tiki Sport