Coachman Caravans

The Hull-based manufacturer has been designing and building caravans for 30+ years. Over the three decades that Coachman has been bringing caravans to market, the design team masterfully created high-end luxury at competitive prices.

Coachman prides itself on developing top-of-the-range caravans featuring the kind of mod cons you’d expect to find in your home. Each year’s new line-up boasts a high standard of interior design and innovation.

The brand’s models are always impressive and every new season they seem to evolve.

Coachman’s history

In 1986, in a small factory in Hull, the first Coachman caravan was built. The company was founded by Jim Hibbs and George Kemp, who took the organisation from a small one-van production suite to a fully operational production line.

Coachman’s first caravan was the Coachman 440, which had four layouts to choose from. These new touring caravans were built on AL-KO chassis with GRP front-moulded window units.

Over the next two years, the company saw great sales numbers and, in 1988, the VIP caravan was added to the brand’s van portfolio. This new van saw the introduction of blown-air heating and fully-equipped showers.

In 1993, a group of Coachman caravan owners formed the Coachman Owners’ Club. The club has seen hundreds of members join and brings the Coachman customer base closer to the brand and design team. This newfound relationship saw direct feedback from consumers help change the way the manufacturer builds its vans.

Coachman today

The company rebranded in late 2020 in preparation for the 2021 season. The rebrand brought a new logo that features a strong and bold colour scheme to help elevate the brand’s identity, as well as reflecting the high quality of the vans they produce.

On top of the new branding, Coachman introduced the new Lusso touring caravan for 2021. This sleek and dynamic caravan shows exactly what Coachman mean when they say their vans are “cutting edge”.

Current ranges

  • Acadia