Whale is a world leader in supplying freshwater, bilge and waste pumps, and water and space heating systems to the caravan and motorhome industry. Based in Northern Ireland, the brand is proud to design and manufacture its own products, tapping into the expertise of highly-trained and experienced staff.

Its philosophy is that all you need to live the best outdoor life is earth, fire and water. Since nature provides the earth, Whale can expertly serve all of your requirements in terms of the other essential elements, fixing your caravan or motorhome up with everything from pumps to switches and filters.

History of Whale

Whale can trace its history back to the 1950s, which coincidentally was when many of the big names in caravanning were first established. Since then, it has brought a number of innovative companies under its wing and in 1989 Whale launched a small automatic bilge pump known as the Supersub 500.

During the 1990s, Whale expanded across the globe, distributing its products as far and wide as North America, the Middle East and the Pacific region. By 1994, the Gulper diaphragm waste pump hit the market, which was followed up in 1996 with the Gulper non-clog valve for waste. In 2014, Whale became a Nasdaq Fortune 500 Leisure Company.

Whale today

The Whale of today is an award-winning brand that continues to innovate and provide products to make caravan and motorhome holidays run smoothly. Quality is at the heart of Whale’s manufacturing processes and its products undergo rigorous testing before they are brought to market.

Whale adheres to the highest industry standards in all areas of its business. It has frequently won awards as a best small company to work for and takes its commitment to the environment seriously, holding an International Organization for Standardization certification.

Current ranges

  • Heat Air
    Submersible Pump
    Quick Connect