Truma UK

Truma UK is one of the caravan industry’s most recognisable brands, with products that feature in the large majority of leisure vehicles. Truma is, first and foremost, an air conditioning company, but over the years its products and services list has grown almost as fast, and vast, as the company itself.

When it comes to onboard air conditioning, the word ‘Truma’ instantly comes to mind. Aside from industry-leading air conditioning systems, the company also creates and installs heaters, boilers, gas products and manoeuvring systems.

On top of the huge demand for aftermarket fittings, the Truma product line is also directly shipped to the majority of major caravan and motorhome manufacturers to be installed directly into vans.

Every manufacturer will have a list of additional extras when purchasing a van and Truma will undoubtedly be on that list of options.

Truma’s history

Truma was founded in 1949 in Munich, Germany by Philipp Kreis. After returning from World War II, Philipp saw there was an unreliable power supply in post-war Germany, especially in the school in which he studied.

After seeing the need for an alternative source of power, Philipp used a gas pipeline to develop gas lamps for his school. Shortly after the introduction of these new lamps, the school turned into a company that produced the product and Truma was born.

The German-owned company’s UK arm, Truma UK, was launched in 1997 in Burton-on-Trent and has since relocated to the Dove Valley Business Park near Derby. Based in Derby, the brand’s hub is also Truma’s on-site warehouse where products are stored and picked for distribution.

With years of experience and technical know-how, the company has become a leading manufacturer of all things climate control onboard all manner of leisure vehicles, including boats.

Truma today

In today’s world, you’re never far away from a Truma system when on site. It’s a safe bet that at least half of the caravans, campers and motorhomes you pitch next to will have a Truma system.

Developing game-changing systems like the iNet, the Aventa Compact and Compact Plus, Truma has established itself as a front-runner for caravanning technology and innovation.