Adria motorhomes

Adria is one of the most instantly-recognisable motorhome brands around and distributes its leisure vehicles widely across Europe and beyond. With more than 100,000 motorhomes sold since the 1980s, it’s safe to say these robust vehicles are popular with weekend adventurers and those who like to get off the beaten track.

The company’s focus for the future is on sustainability while never compromising on quality. As Adria strives to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment, you can rest assured your motorhome will have all the facilities associated with a well-built modern leisure vehicle.

History of Adria

These days, Adria motorhomes are available to purchase from a network of more than 500 dealerships around Europe and even further afield. It’s possible to set out in an Adria motorhome and be totally contained, with innovative living spaces, kitchen and bathroom facilities that work for the whole family. As well as these must-haves, Adria also offers multimedia systems, ample charging points and even coffee machines fitted in some models.

While the spacious living areas and plush furnishings of Adria’s current collection may seem a million miles away from the 375 caravan of 1965, you can see the evolution through its vehicles.

Adria has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization to meet its strict regulations for the implementation of an environmental management system. It is also committed to being a family-friendly enterprise, adopting 18 measures to ensure Adria employees can enjoy a good work-life balance.

  • Current ranges

  • Sonic
  • Matrix
  • Matrix Axess
  • Coral
  • Coral Axess
  • Coral XL
  • Compact