Expert advice: Top food cooling tips for off-grid staycations

A fridge inside a leisure vehicle

Summer is, allegedly, on its way, which makes it the perfect time to venture off in your caravan or motorhome. But with so many destinations like the NC500 experiencing overcrowding, off-grid adventures have never looked so appealing.

Recent innovations in leisure vehicle design and technological developments mean getting off the beaten track for long periods of time is now easier than ever.

While the capabilities are there, it’s important to plan properly for days without electric hookup and access to clean, safe running water.

Chris Feibusch, director of Penguin Refrigeration, said: “Summer staycations in a caravan or motorhome are fast becoming the nation’s favourite way of spending time ‘off grid’ and away from the realities and pressures of every day.

“That, coupled with the opportunity for a road trip or rural escape, without compromising on the comforts of home, has led to it being one of the popular ways of holidaying in recent years, which was also heightened by the pandemic.”

How to keep your food fresh and your drinks cool

Among the main considerations for those heading off grid in a caravan or motorhome this summer is how to keep food and drink cool. 

Mr Feibusch highlighted: “One of the most pressing concerns for today’s off-grid holidaying is efficiency. With growing demands from customers for ultra-efficient, high-performance amenities, they want to be completely self-sufficient off grid.

“Consumers are more conscious about their carbon footprint and environmental impact, requiring new technologies and sustainable solutions for off-grid escapes.”

Here’s Penguin’s advice to ensure you have the right conditions for keeping food in while you’re pitching up in more remote locations:

Utilise sustainable power

Take advantage of compressor technology and its ability to integrate with solar power. This not only supports sustainable travel but also ensures a reliable power source for your refrigeration needs.

Temperature control

Minimise the frequency and duration of fridge door openings to maintain a consistent internal temperature. Opt for a premium fridge with high quality components, such as aluminium-finned condensers instead of steel.


Ensure your fridge is placed in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to improve efficiency and cooling performance.

How Penguin Refrigeration is innovating cool solutions

Penguin Refrigeration is a leading supplier of specialist recreational vehicle refrigeration and cooling solutions.

Its latest innovation, the Secop Nano NextGen compressor is being rolled out across the Vitrifrigo range. 

Already fitted to Penguin’s best-selling C51 fridge for campervans, this new compressor offers a 44 per cent improvement in efficiency over current market options.

The compact design is 40 per cent smaller and 67 per cent lighter than comparable options, saving valuable space and weight, which are essential considerations for off-grid adventures and road trips alike.