Bailey motorhomes

Bailey entered the world of motorhome manufacturing in 2008, with an aim to diversify its vehicle portfolio. Bailey’s aim was to reinvigorate the RV market and the company released its first motorhome in 2011 – the Approach SE.

Soon after the SE arrived on forecourts, the awards started to roll in and Bailey now had an established spot in the competitive motorhome market.

History of Bailey’s motorhome ranges

For many years, Bailey kept away from producing motorhomes, as its caravan sales were so strong that producing RVs was not needed. When the recession hit in 2008, Bailey made the move to face this global economic crisis head on and invest money to secure their financial future.

During the dark days between 2008-10, the company took bold steps and bought more land to build a new production facility. It was during these years that Bailey’s first-ever motorhome concept was created and approved – the Peugeot-based Bailey Approach SE.

Just a few years later, we saw the introduction of the Approach Compact, Autograph and Advance ranges. The Approach range was discontinued in 2017 and has since been replaced by three different model ranges that have become favourites among the touring community.

The ‘all-new’ Bailey Approach SE motorhome kicked off a new chapter for the leisure vehicle giant. With this award-winning two-berth motorhome on the roster, they were able to compete directly with companies like Adria and Swift in the motorhome market.

Bailey motorhomes today

Bailey’s mission statement for its motorhomes has always been to deliver high-specification models with extremely competitive prices. Each of Bailey’s three current motorhomes – Autograph, Alliance and Adamo – provide very different touring layouts, but are all perfect for both short and long trips.

Bailey released its first-ever Ford-based motorhome in 2020, the Adamo. This features an automatic gearbox – another first for the company. The Adamo marks a new era for Bailey and the direction the company is heading toward. Adding the new Ford chassis strengthens Bailey’s market position and makes the current line-up as diverse as its caravan selection.

Current ranges

  • Autograph