Kip Caravans marks 90 years

A Kip caravan parked up under a tree with a man relaxing beneath its awning.

Dutch caravan manufacturer Kip is set to mark its 90th anniversary later this month, after being founded on May 31st, 1934.

It took original owner Jan Kip a while to build his first caravan, which was produced in 1947, but the following year 20 of the leisure vehicles were created.

The brand has gone on to become synonymous with compact, aerodynamic caravans that are perfect for adventures and remains the only caravan factory in the Netherlands.

Kip stays true to its history

To mark its 90th birthday, Kip is inviting caravan enthusiasts to its factory and store in Hoogeveen, the town in the Netherlands where the brand has always been based.

Some of its skilled craftsmen have worked at Kip for more than 40 years, building distinctive and reliable caravans.

Visitors can learn more about the workings of Kip, taking a look behind the scenes and get a better understanding of what the camping experience is like with one of its caravans.

Milestones in Kip’s evolution

In the 1950s a particularly small model known as the Krielkip was brought to market by Kip. Its distinctive orange canvas lifting roof was a popular feature and the origins of an idea still used in Kip caravans to this day.

By 1971, Kip was producing 10,000 caravans a year and spent the next ten years earning a reputation for design, technology and the use of high-quality materials.

A focus on sustainability

Modern Kip caravans have an emphasis on sustainability, something the company says is in response to wanting to preserve the natural environment Kip users enjoy.

This extends from the materials and processes used in production to the aerodynamic design and smart energy systems.

Fitted with good-quality insulation and solar panels, Kip caravans have a grade A energy efficiency label.

The well-built caravans should last a long time, meaning customers won’t need to replace them for many years.

Trusted partners

Being proud of its Dutch heritage, Kip Caravans has partnered with a number of other businesses in the country to provide elements for its leisure vehicles.

Most notably among them are De Waard for its awnings and Victron Energy, which supplies all of the energy systems Kip relies on.

Kip Caravans today

Current models available from Kip include the Shelter, Kompakt and Vision, all of which feature the brand’s characteristic pop-up canvas top.

A special Shelter Anniversary Edition has been created to celebrate 90 years of Kip Caravans.