New PC200 road trip launched in Wales

The Welsh coastline with PC200 logo

The US has Route 66 and Scotland has the NC500, but not to be outdone, Wales now has its own long-distance road trip, the Pembrokeshire Coast 200 (PC200).

Put together by the people at CaravanCloud, the route is available as an interactive map or downloadable pdf to help caravan and motorhome enthusiasts enjoy the beauty of this area of Wales.

As well as breathtaking scenery and pretty towns and villages, road trippers can experience outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking or surfing on stretches of this stunning coastline.

Access to the route’s resources, including things to do and places to eat, is open to CaravanCloud members and it’s currently free to join.

The route has been conceived by CaravanCloud founder Connor Ennis, who is a Pembrokeshire native, living in the town of Tenby.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Mr Ennis comes from a caravan dynasty, his grandfather having founded Ennis Caravans in the 1940s.

Mr Ennis said: “I’ve lived in Pembrokeshire all my life and thought it would be good to actually help people discover all of it, because a lot of people only come to the south and don’t explore the north.

“Tenby is one of the main hotspots for tourists, and it’s a beautiful place, but so is the rest of Pembrokeshire. I don’t think there’s another county in the world that has such a diverse landscape of coastal areas, countryside and mountains – it’s got everything. Tenby is lovely, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“I felt what was needed was a road trip that people could take part in and when I looked into it there wasn’t anything like it, so I decided to make one.”

It’s recommended that you spend between three and five days completing the PC200, taking in 30 different locations of note along the way.