Campervan equivalent of Airbnb set to launch in UK

Indie Campers embrace the new love for touring holidays

By Emma Dodd

The coronavirus pandemic has seen circumstances change for many people. For some, it has meant holidays at home and for others, finding new areas of revenue.

If you fall into the second category and have your own campervan, you may be interested to hear of a new service being offered by Indie Campers.

The campervan hire company is expanding its reach to help owners of leisure vehicles rent them out when they’re not in use.

This new marketplace will help to bridge the gap between increased demand brought about by the pandemic and those keen to supplement their income.

Tapping into the shared economy model that has been so successful for the likes of Airbnb and Uber, the marketplace is a good example of sustainable travel practices.

In return for signing up to the marketplace, owners will get access to Indie Camper’s infrastructure, which has allowed the business to rent out more than 1,200 campervans at 40 locations across the UK and Europe.

Logistics including where the van is collected and dropped off from, storage requirements and technical elements of the rental process can all be taken care of by Indie Camper’s staff.

The system should be flexible, offering a variety of different types and sized leisure vehicles to suit all sorts of needs from small vans for couple getaways to large motorhomes to house large families.

Optional extras, including sports equipment like surfboards or airport transfers, will also be available at a small additional cost.

Hugo Oliveira, CEO of Indie Campers, told Lonely Planet: “Within the current changing travel landscape, this move enables us to align even more with the ever-emerging trends of the sharing economy, adding to our supply of flexible, authentic and sustainable travel experiences, and matching the growing widespread interest in getting into nature and away from the crowds.”

The Indie Campers Marketplace is expected to be rolled out before the end of the year and interested campervan owners can register their interest now.