Swift Caravans launches new range

The Jubilee series joins the existing Ace Award and Supreme

British mobile home manufacturer Swift Caravans has added a new range of six vehicles under its Ace banner.

The Jubilee series joins the existing Ace Award and Ace Supreme and features a bright exterior with thick gauge one-piece high-gloss aluminium sides.

It comprises of the two-berth Ambassador, four-berth Envoy, Aristocrat and Globetrotter and six-berth Courier and Equerry.

The interior of the vehicles benefits from new soft furnishings, a Status 530 directional aerial, the introduction of mains lighting, Omnivent extractor fan and pressurised water system.

Furthermore, owners will be able to benefit from the capacity for a radio/CD player, with the models containing all of the required wiring, speakers and an aerial.

A microwave oven cupboard will allow buyers to take their unit from home with them on the road, saving paying extra for another unit.

The Aristocrat joins a number of Eccles and Elite models from Swift Caravans that measure seven feet four inches wide.

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