Rule 169 of the Highway Code and other laws caravanners need to know

Parked up caravan under a tree

Many people are hitching a caravan to their car for the first time and heading off on holiday this summer, but there are lots of things to consider if you’re new to towing.

For example, rule 169 of the Highway Code requires slow-moving vehicles to pull over and allow any queues of traffic that have built up behind to pass.

As someone towing a caravan, this is likely to apply to you and you must look for a safe place to pull over as soon as possible.

Failure to do so equates to the offence of inconsiderate driving, which could see you punished with three to nine points on your driver’s licence and a fine of up to £5,000. has warned caravanners that three points on a licence is likely to lead to a five per cent increase in your caravan insurance premium.

Six points can mean a price hike of as much as 25 per cent and these increased costs will continue for the four years it takes for points to be spent.

Greg Wilson, founder of, said: “2021 has witnessed a boom in staycations as pandemic restrictions continue to limit foreign travel – creating a wave of first-time caravan owners eager to hit the road. Many new owners may not realise that caravans have different rules and risks on the road that come with manoeuvring a heavier vehicle.

“It’s worth spending time checking the Highway Code, making sure drivers are aware of all the specific caravan driving rules and safety checks before setting off – even a test run can help drivers familiarise themselves with the heavier load.”

Speeding while towing can also lead to points and fines and while driving on a motorway or dual carriageway has a maximum speed limit of 70mph, this is reduced to 60mph for those with caravans.