European Commission to relax motorhome driving regulations

The EU is making it easier to learn how to drive a large motorhome

by Tom Walsh

Summer is a prime time for people jumping in their motorhome and heading to a different part of the UK or even hopping across the English Channel for a holiday.

As the temperatures soar on home soil those planning these types of breaks have been given a timely boost by the European Commission.

Ministers have announced that they will be relaxing the regulation surrounding category C1 driving licences, which includes motorhomes and other vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.

The current legislation states that anyone who passed their driving test after 1 January 1997 would have to take both a practical and theory exam to drive a vehicle which weighed over 3.5 tonnes.

However, the European Commission has now introduced the C1 97 designed specifically for motorhome drivers, and while it does require an extra test it does not involve the criteria specified for commercial drivers.

The UK, along with all other European countries, will need to adopt the C1 97 test by the end of the year.