Caravaner to build Kenyan orphanage

A caravan journey to Kenya has convinced a Cumberland man to return to build an orphanage.

Roger Douglas, who belongs to the Assemblies of God fellowship in Dumfries, spent a number of weeks in Nakuru, according to the Cumberland News.

The 61-year-old was donating a mobile home to a local preacher and intends to head back to the country in order to provide accommodation for the town’s many homeless and parentless children.

“I was struck by the number of orphaned children on the street,” he said.

“But they were so lovely and would come up to you and try to speak to you and hold your hand.”

Mr Douglas has written to local businesses to ask for help raising cash to build facilities for the kids – many of whose parents have fallen victim to HIV and tribal wars.

He explained people in the UK are often unaware of how easy they have it when compared to other nations.

In other news, Devon’s Finlake caravan park has announced plans for a £3.8 million expansion to meet demand.