5 things every caravanner or motorhomer will experience this Christmas

A toy car with Christmas biscuits

It’s great owning a caravan or a motorhome at any time of the year, but there’s a number of situations you’ll find yourself in at Christmas that only those with leisure vehicles will recognise.

So, you know you’re part of the lifestyle when…

All your Christmas presents are stashed in the caravan

Finding a place to hide the kids’ presents is always tricky, but being a caravan owner, you’ve got the perfect place away from prying eyes. Just remember to check every cupboard, the fridge and under the seats to make sure you haven’t stashed them away so successfully even you can’t find them!

Your Christmas list is made up of accessories for your leisure vehicle

There’s always something you need for the caravan or motorhome and Christmas is a great opportunity to get them. Whether you want a new awning, fancy a brighter head torch or have your eye on a portable pizza oven, your Christmas wish list is bound to be full of camping-related kit.

There’s a novelty campervan item in your stocking

Whether it’s a VW mug or campervan socks, you can guarantee that a distant relative who didn’t know what to get you went down the obvious route and went with a novelty take on your favourite hobby.

You’ll escape to the motorhome at least once over the festive period

If your motorhome is parked just there on the drive, then it’s inevitable that you’ll end up sitting in it to escape the family at some point during the celebrations. The benefits of motorhome ownership really are endless and five minutes’ peace is priceless.

Boxing Day will be about planning adventures

By Boxing Day the frenetic energy of Christmas Day will have subsided and there’s a chance to enjoy a more sedate activity. For caravan and motorhome enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to spread the maps out on the floor and crack open touring guides to plan adventures for 2022. The possibilities are endless…


Photo credit: Pexels/Andrea Imre