Trend for breathing new life into old caravans continues

Customise your van your way

By Emma Dodd

As a nation we love a project and in lockdown it was caravans that everyone seemed to turn to for channelling their creativity and making something their own.

While restrictions were loosened over the summer, many newfound caravan owners took to the open road to try out their freshly-renovated leisure vehicles and enjoy the lifestyle.

But it seems the appetite for finding old caravans on eBay and Gumtree has not waned, with headlines boasting of spectacular transformations on small budgets still splashing across the news pages.

The latest is Melanie and Mark from Bristol, who bought a 25-year-old Clubman for £700 and set themselves the task of renovating it with a budget of just £1,000.

Melanie told LatestDeals.co.uk: “We first took out all the interior including the stained brown carpet, velour green curtains, the rails and pelmet and three clocks that had been placed randomly.

“We also took off the lights, all the door handles, took the seat covers out and stripped off the window plastic and blinds.”

They then started sanding, painting, wallpapering and adding new fixtures to the caravan, which would have cost £20,000 if they had bought it brand new.

Of course, they had the benefit of Mark’s experience, as he owns his own building company.

The couple opted for a light colour scheme to make the most of the space in the two-berth Clubman, creating a bright and airy vibe in their caravan.

While many have embraced the idea of renovating a dilapidated caravan to fulfil the holiday needs of themselves and family, they have proved the answer to a variety of other lockdown issues too.

Rundown caravans have been purchased to create everything from home offices and home schooling venues to summer houses and breakout spaces.

They’ve represented a good opportunity for the new owners to focus on a finite space they can truly have autonomy over and complete a discernible transformation at a time when so much seems out of our control.

From Ikea hacks to bargains from B&M and The Range, the focus has been on achieving high-end looks through careful selection and placement as opposed to big budgets.