Essex residents protest against Caravan Club site

Local residents fear the scheme will threaten wildlife

by Oliver Knight

Residents in Ardleigh, Essex, are rallying together to fight proposals for a £2 million caravan park development.

Caravan Club plans to build a 96-pitch site in the area have been met with opposition, with local residents fearing that the scheme would threaten wildlife and create dangerous driving conditions, the Essex County Standard revealed.

However, Tony Barnet, the club’s head of estates, nullified these suggestions, promising that the Caravan Club would work closely with the Highways Agency to ensure the roads remained safe.

In addition, he said the club would plant trees and encourage wildlife and the development would bring money from tourism to the village.

“Ardleigh is a pleasant village with pleasant people. I urge you to go along to some of our other sites,” the news provider reported Mr Barnet as saying.

“It will benefit the community by bringing in custom to the local shops, pubs and you’ll see swollen church congregations.”

Indeed, recent figures released by the Caravan Club suggest that caravanners contribute in excess of £400 million to local economies each year.