Elemment Palazzo: How can you insure such a luxury tourer?

The Elemment Palazzo, as its name suggests, is a palace on wheels

by Chris Jefferies
When Marchi Mobile launched the Elemment Palazzo last week, it certainly got quite a reaction from motorhome enthusiasts even if, at £1.9 million, only oil barons can actually afford one.
As if the price tag wasn’t prohibitive enough, our readers wondered how you’d go about living with such a mammoth motorhome, from petrol costs to the all-important insurance cover.
The Elemment Palazzo has also caught the eye of the caravan insurance specialists at Towergate, who have explained the process of covering a luxury caravan such as an Airstream, and the important things to consider when choosing top-end cover.
Edward Cross, insurance expert at Towergate, said that there are many things to bear in mind, from storage to security gadgets.
“The best way to protect your caravan against damage or loss is to ensure that it is well secured using a high quality security device, such as a proactive tracking device or a chassis secure wheel lock,” he said.
Mr Cross added that caravan owners should also consider paying for winter storage at a CaSSOA approved centre, while taking a towing course can also help, as you can pick up the skills to help you avoid a crash.
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