A different Klass of traveller

TV personality Myleene Klass will be taking to the road in a camper van to promote the new Marks and Spencer clothing collection

She’s an English media personality, singer, model, concert pianist and actress who has the uncanny knack of seeming able to be in two places at once. And with her latest run of media appearances she appears to have found help from an unusual source.

Myleene Klass is today’s recognised face of Marks and Spencer and is helping launch their latest clothing venture, the Indigo Collection. And the vehicle which will transport her between six venues around the UK? A classic motor camper.

The white and blue Volkswagen T2 is widely considered to be the most iconic camper van of all time. Launched in 1968 as the second generation of the Type 2 Microbus, production lasted a decade in Europe. Today used examples are coveted by collectors and enthusiasts, and the design is still in production in Brazil.

Yesterday Myleene Klass literally stopped traffic as the tour began at the flagship Marks and Spencers in Oxford Street. The 31-year old accidentally pulled into the wrong lane and struggled with parallel parking the van-like vehicle.

She told The Sun newspaper ‘I’ve never been so nervous. Crossing Oxford Street in a van I’ve never driven before, with everyone watching.’

It’s a welcome return to the headlines for the classic Volkswagen camper. Last time it was another TV personality who was at the helm. ‘Naked Chef’ Jamie Oliver custom-fitted a 1959 Type 1 Microbus with Cath Kidson curtains, a Sony Playstation, satellite navigation and TV monitors that drop down from the roof. And most crucially a Porsche 914 engine with a special watercooling system.

If all this talk of classic V-Dubs is starting an outbreak of envy then fear not. Surfer clothing label Fat Face are offering a competition here to win a restored classic VW splitscreen. Entry is free by filling in the online form and if you recommend a friend, that’s three more entries for you.