How Many Ways Can Aircon Help Once You Have It?

The Compact is so much more than cold air

By William Coleman

Over the past few weeks we have seen Lee Davey using his new air con system from Truma and highlighting how it works and what impact an aftermarket fitting on your caravan. After some extensive usage Lee has discovered there is a lot more to it than just cool air flow.

You would be mistaken if you thought that all an air conditioning unit can do it keep is keep an area cold, something Lee Davey can attest to. The hidden benefits go way beyond keeping cool when the outside temperature goes sky high.

Nowadays the technology has gone way beyond what it was originally intended for. You can access them remotely, send them texts and even have an automatic climate control system.

You can use air con as a dehumidifier, clothes dryer and even a perfect way of keeping the pets cool when you want to head out for a day or night.

In this video Lee will go into detail of what other hidden benefits can be found when using a Truma air con unit while on your touring holiday.

To find out more about Truma and the wide range of services they offer you can visit their site directly, Truma’s main website.