Apps And Automation With Oyster At The NEC

Automation is king at Oyster

By William Coleman

In today’s world half the battle is keeping up with the ever changing technology. On board tech is also coming on in leaps and bounds, and we must with it. One company who is making that transition easier and easier, through automation, is Oyster Sat Tech.

Having satellite TV onboard your motorhome or caravan has never ever been easier. At first all you had to do was reset the box to find the right sat signal, then it was just one button, but now all you need is an app. The Oyster Sat Tech app.

There is an app for everything but there are few that make watching satellite TV so simple to use. We caught up with Julian from Oyster this week at the NEC to find out more, as we needed to know more.

After speaking with Julian and the team we found out that the app was designed to be extremely user friendly and to keep life simple. The app does everything you need to keep connected, and even lets you know when you need to do an update, which is just one button press away.