UK motorhome manufacturers need to fight competition from Europe

Auto-Trail Motorhomes is one of the popular current British motorhome manufacturers

by Tom Walsh

The founder of Holdsworth Motorhomes wants the motorhome manufacturing industry to “take the fight” to competitors in mainland Europe.

Richard Holdsworth, founder and owner of the now-defunct company, believes that imports from the likes of Germany, Italy and France are now taking up a larger share of the UK market and while some homegrown firms are putting up “stiff resistance” they could be doing more.

Speaking to Motortrades Insight, Mr Holdsworth explained that when his company was set up in 1968 he did not feel much hostility from markets such as Germany when he looked to promote his business.

He adds that Henning Duckstein, head of quality at VW at the time, was impressed with the specifications that came with Holdsworth models.

Mr Holdsworth emphasises the opportunities available for British companies looking to expand their operations to places in Europe.

“I am sure an export market is there but it needs resolve from the top, a quality product, of course, and a good reserve of funds,” he told the news provider.