Truma App Release March 2018

Truma release key info regarding their latest app

William Coleman

Good new for Alde heater uses just in time for 2018 season. Truma have released their new App that will make controlling your on board heating system. We have been given some important information for anyone using, or planning to use, the App. From April 2018, you will be able to integrate the Alde compact 3020 HE with new control panel into the Truma iNet System. All you have to do is connect the heater to the iNet Box.

For anyone who has a touring home that includes Truma air condition system or Truma LevelControl this is a fantastic new update and this information should definitely help you moving forward. With ease and convenience you will now be able use all devices via the iNet system. You will be able control the heating and air conditioning as well as using the automatic climate control all using one single app.

The updated Truma app will be available this month and you will need to make sure that you deactivate the automatic update function. In the past the Truma App would allow users to download new updates to their smart phone and still have two months to install new firmware onto the iNet Box.

For the new update, the complexity of the project forced us to suspend this rule. This means that the two-month time frame does not apply for this release. You must update both your app and the iNet Box with the new firmware simultaneously. If you have automatic updates activated in the Truma App, please deactivate this function and switch to manual updates. This will allow you to decide when you wish to install the update.

Otherwise, the app will perform the update automatically. If there is no Bluetooth connection to your iNet Box at this time, it will not be possible to update the firmware. The iNet Box will then no longer function until the new firmware is installed.

This is particularly important for campers who have parked their vehicle outside Bluetooth range and wish to use the iNet System. For the next releases, the two-month time frame will apply as usual.

This information has come directly from Truma so ensure you follow the steps to rule out any issues further down the line.