The Club Support For Disabilities Scheme

The Clun extend their caring reach

By William Coleman

The Caravan and Motorhome Club have just announced that they are now supporting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme for both members and employees across its UK campsites network.

The caravan world is a community that very much loves to help and contribute when and where possible, so it is great to see the Club demonstrating their dedication to the community they have helped build and preserve.

Disabilities come in many different forms and each one is unique from person to person. Some people who have unfortunate ailments sometimes strive for independence and do not want to be defined by their disabilities, this is where the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme comes into play.

Not all disabilities are openly visible and are worth highlighting without causing any discomfort to those who may come into contact with someone who does not openly display signs of disability. The scheme’s concept is simple; people with a hidden disability can wear or display a sunflower product, such as a colourful lanyard or car sticker, so others are aware they need support.

The Club is introducing lanyards, pins and stickers on its Club campsites for people with hidden disabilities to wear and campsites will also display the scheme’s posters to help spread awareness and understanding.

Nick Lomas, director general of the Caravan and Motorhome Club said: “All of us at the Caravan and Motorhome Club are delighted to be supporting this excellent scheme that enables us all to be a little more understanding of each other’s needs. We hope that Club members and staff alike will embrace the scheme whether they have a hidden disability or can offer support to someone who does.”

Paul White, CEO Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said: “We’re really excited that the Caravan and Motorhome Club is introducing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme into their UK community, for staff as well as members. This can only help people who have hidden disabilities get the most from their time in the great outdoors.”

The scheme is supported by a number of high profile organisations across the UK, including M&S or Sainsbury’s, and is now receiving international recognition. To find out more, visit

There are a large number of hidden disabilities out there that we may come across every day without noticing, and those who have them may not want to highlight them and suffer in silence. It is great to see an organisation recognizing this and dealing with it so those affected do not have to worry about dealing with the alone.