Stolen caravan places family holiday on hold

Stolen caravan leaves family devastated

by Jessica Almeida

Family believes they were targeted as thieves strike

A family from Peterborough have been forced to put their summer holiday plans on hold after their caravan was stolen.

The Ryder family were devastated when their caravan unexpectedly went missing.

The caravan, which was kept in on a farm, owned by David Ryder’s mother Sylvia, was stolen on 8 July.

“This is definitely going to affect us over the summer as we go away in the van as often as we can,” David, 46, of Werrington, said.

David went on to explain how the caravan in question was usually kept with three or four additional caravans, so he feels like it was a targeted event.

According to reports, the caravan was last seen at around 11.30am on 8 July, but when David’s wife returned from picking up their children from school at 3.30pm it was gone.

In order to steal the six-berth van, thieves cut through two locks and two wheel clamps.

The caravan is a 2005 26ft Lunar Lexon, which David normally uses to head to beauty spots across the UK with his wife, Gayle and their three children, Courtney, Matthew and Jamie.

David continued: “Because of the shifts I do I often get a number of days off together, which means we can jump in the van with the kids on a regular basis. But obviously we can’t do this until we have the van back. It’s comes at a bad time with the school summer holidays.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Staffordshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.