Epic route retraced in Bailey Ranger

A Bailey Ranger caravan was used for the epic journey

The great-great-grandson of the original leisure caravanner Dr William Gordon-Stables has retraced the journey taken by his ancestor more than a century ago.

Alan Gordon-Stables set out in a Bailey Caravans Ranger Series 5 620/6 to retrace the steps his forebear took in the Bristol Wagon Works Company’s horse-drawn Wanderer 122 years ago.

He and his family travelled from Twyford, through the Midlands and Yorkshire, up the east coast to Berwick-upon-Tweed and into Scotland, where they enjoyed stopovers at Edinburgh, Stirling and Culloden Moor, where they completed the epic trip.

They saw a number of sites described in Dr William’s The Cruise of Land Yacht Wanderer and Alan explained he was surprised by how many were still in existence.

“After 122 years, we were delighted to find that so many buildings and places not only still existed but were readily recognisable from their descriptions in my great grandfather’s book,” he told Bailey.

The Bailey Ranger Series was released a decade ago and has recently been updated with a twin-axle layout.

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