Caravan fire causes 13 hours of delays on the M6

This incident led to hours of tailbacks on the M6

by Niki Greig

A car driver was being treated at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire for serious head injuries on Saturday (21st July) after a lorry collided with the caravan he was towing.

The devastating crash, which happened just after 4am on Saturday morning between Stafford services and Junction 15 northbound of the motorway, completely destroyed the Sprite caravan and caused the lorry to burst into flames.

The fire was so intense that the lorry still ablaze when ambulance drivers arrived on the scene and resurfacing works had to take place to repair the carriageway.

A spokesman from the West Midlands ambulance service said “Crews arrived on scene to find a lorry had been in collision with a car and caravan. The car and caravan were significantly damaged in the incident.”

The works caused huge tailbacks of up to 10 miles, and this resulted in major delays being reported by many travellers, with the traffic eventually clearing at around 5pm.

The lorry driver was treated for minor injuries and released from hospital, while the caravan owner, who is believed to be in his thirties, remains in hospital with serious head injuries.

Motorists stuck behind the crashed vehicles vented their anger on Twitter, with some reporting that it took three hours to go just three miles.