Bentley Cerise unveiled four months after Vanmaster takeover

The new Bentley Cerise can be seen at the Spring Caravan and Camping Show

by Chris Jefferies

Vanmaster Caravans has revealed its first Bentley motorhome, less than four months after buying out the ailing manufacturer and saving the brand from extinction.

The result (pictured right) is the Bentley Cerise, a two-berth motorhome which will be going on display to the public in February at the Spring Caravan and Camping Show.

Featuring the luxurious fittings that made Bentley motorhomes such a hit when they were launched, this model includes Italian upholstery and wool carpets.

Built on a Renault Traffic chassis, this model will be joined by the Bentley Amber and the Bentley Indigo, with the three models priced between £48,000 and £49,000.

As a special launch offer, visitors to the NEC show will be able to pick up a new Bentley motorhome with a generous £4,000 discount.

Specification details and layout descriptions are due to follow in the coming weeks, but this is certainly one motorhome that we at CaravanTimes will be eagerly anticipating.

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