A new generation embraces the caravan and motorhome lifestyle

A young couple sitting outside their caravan

It’s interesting to observe the shifts in attitude of younger generations when it comes to caravans and motorhomes. Gone are the days when this type of holiday meant a wet week away with family in a leaky van that felt anything but glamorous.

Now, leisure vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and fitted with all the modern luxuries of a boutique hotel. A new generation is embracing vanlife, fuelled by the lure of social media-worthy snaps of #vanlife and restrictions on foreign travel as a result of coronavirus.

Robinsons Caravans, which has been in the business for 54 years, has seen many trends come and go. While it still maintains the over-55s as its largest proportion of customers, the under-40s now account for around a quarter of Robinsons’ caravan sales.

The new generation of caravanners are buying vehicles that reflect their hobbies, epitomising the ethos and aesthetics of their passions. For some, that means a simple van conversion perfect for strapping kayaks, paddleboards or bikes to and heading off the beaten track.

Others are tapping into quaint and vintage trends, with gingham curtains, fairy lights and pastel-coloured accessories. While the big names in caravan and motorhome building are thriving as demand for leisure vehicles mounts, there are plenty of alternative brands that are catering to the younger generation.

Take Barefoot Caravans, for example, which specialises in curved fibreglass bodywork that comes in a variety of colours, leaning firmly into the retro aesthetic. Rocket Caravans are highly influenced by the mid-century aluminium caravans made popular in the US, but with updates that bring them right up to date.

Here at CaravanTimes, our very own Nick Harding has confessed to having a caravan crush on the Mink camper. This dinky tourer is on its way from Iceland and is sure to turn heads with its sleek design and yellow touches as the next generation of caravanners hit the roads of the UK.

Jarrod Clay, managing director of Robinsons Caravans, told the Guardian: “Where caravans were always white in colour, now you’ve got silver, champagne or metallic blue coloured sides. The graphics used to be a stripe from front to back but can now be quite elaborate. They are a lot more modern.”

Modern caravan and motorhome design is certainly far from boring and innovations are being driven by the younger generation. While some wish to leave the trappings of the 21st century behind and enjoy nature, others expect the same levels of luxury and technology they have at home, and there are caravans and motorhomes to fit both sets of requirements and everything in between.



Photo credit: Unsplash/Blake Wisz