Would you explore Yellowstone in a rented RV?

Family enjoying a campfire outside their RV

A number of the world’s most impressive road trips are located in the US, but even if you’re a caravan or motorhome owner, they can feel out of reach.

One potential way to get round this is to leave your trusted leisure vehicle at home and rent one once you’re on the other side of the Atlantic.

Since we’re going all American, then it’s time to adopt the vernacular. RV stands for recreational vehicle and is commonly used in these parts.

Blacksford RV Rental is conveniently located near Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, making it a great opportunity to explore the national park.

7-day itinerary

It offers a seven-day itinerary in which you can explore the Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks on board one of its RVs.

From abundant wildlife and hiking trails to scenic drives and majestic mountains, the variety of experiences on offer in just a week is mind-boggling.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone was the first national park ever established way back in 1872 and its reputation for its geothermal geysers and bubbling mud pots means it remains popular to this day.

Whether you’re keen to see its giant waterfalls or have an encounter with a grizzly bear, the sights, sounds and sheer beauty of nature is sure to impress.

Grand Teton National Park

Not to be outdone, Grand Teton National Park, which is less than an hour’s drive from Yellowstone, boasts stunning mountains, alpine lakes and historic sites.

From the heights of Grand Teton Peak, stretching 4,000 metres into the sky, right down to the world famous Jackson Hole, there’s plenty to explore in this national park.

Practical advice

Blacksford has lots of practical advice to offer surrounding this suggested itinerary, from camping grounds and where to park your RV to the types of items you need to bring with you.

Becky Goodell, owner and CEO of Blacksford, said: “Many first-time RVers are nervous about parking their RV at campgrounds and points of interest inside the park.

“Blacksford’s RVs are easy to drive, much like driving a large SUV or van, and campgrounds make it relatively easy to cautiously park your RV at your campsite.”

While the company offers a suggested itinerary, which gives a good indication of what can be achieved on any given day, driving your own RV would give you the flexibility to adapt it to your needs and interests.

Hassle-free rentals

If you’re used to owning your own caravan or motorhome, you’ll know there’s a lot of equipment required to make a trip away in it a success.

All of Blackford’s RVs are kitted out with everything you might need, which is essential if you’re planning such a trip from the UK.

The rental experience includes unlimited mileage, all-inclusive pricing, flexible pick-up and drop-off times and 24/7 support.

As well as Yellowstone, the company also offers rentals from Las Vegas, with its third location in Phoenix due to open later in 2024.