Explore Europe’s top road trip destinations this summer

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If you want to reconnect with nature and explore some of the world’s most incredible destinations, one of these European road trips could be the next thing on your summer agenda. 

Although UK staycation popularity is growing due to ongoing airport chaos, many Brits are eager to get back to the continent for some sun and culture. 

Whether you want to explore with your family in a caravan or pitch up in a tent along the way, Ed Bassett, Head of Wanderlust at Camptoo, has put together a list of the best destinations in Europe for road tripping. If you fancy a mountain getaway, a surfing experience or a beach holiday, there’s a route to suit all tastes. 

Mr Bassett commented: “Spending more time in the great outdoors, disconnecting from tech and reconnecting with nature helps us mentally decompress, resulting in reduced feelings of stress and anger, improved mood, self-esteem and confidence, as well as improved physical health, and the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones.”

So, let’s jump right in with the first European road trip destination on the list. 

The Algarve, Portugal

Known for its sandy beaches, turquoise waters and towering cliffs, the Algarve offers scenic road trip opportunities for sunseekers. 

Mr Bassett suggests a six-day Portugal road trip starting in the village of Sagres and heading east towards Lagos, before ending the trip in Tavira on the Spanish border. Along the way, you can expect to see historic fishing villages, stunning sunsets and idyllic beaches perfect for taking a dip. 

Portugal is one of the world’s top surfing spots, so why not hop on a board and try your hand at riding the waves? Don’t forget to sample some of Europe’s freshest seafood along the way. 

The Black Forest, Germany 

If sun, sand and sea aren’t your things, head to the Black Forest in Germany for a woodland adventure. 

The Black Forest is a densely populated area that sprawls over 2,000 miles in Southwest Germany. It’s renowned for its picturesque villages and evergreen forests and was the inspiration for the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. 

You can travel along the Black Forest high road, starting in Baden-Baden and ending near the Swiss border in Freudenstadt. If you want to experience memorable views across the Rhine Valley and enjoy some wild swimming along the route – this could be the perfect European road trip destination. 


With 1,100 miles of coastline to explore, Croatia is the perfect road trip destination for those who want to enjoy some of the best beaches and most amazing views in Europe. 

Mr Bassett suggests you allow yourself at least six days to explore the Dalmatian Coast that stretches between popular destinations like Split and Dubrovnik. These spots are filled with tourists in the summer, so heading out of town in your car or leisure vehicle is a great way to disconnect and experience some of Croatia’s hidden gems. 

Along the route, you’ll find plenty of places to take a refreshing dip, charming towns and breath-taking views that’ll be the envy of all your social media followers. You might consider combining it with a trip to nearby Montenegro which is another great road trip destination. 

The Alps

If soaring mountain views are what you’re after, there’s no better place to visit than the Alps, Europe’s highest and most extensive mountain range. 

The Alpine Grand Tour is a bucket-list road trip that traverses four countries and offers some of the most awe-inspiring views in the world. 

Along the way, you will see towering glaciers, incredible waterfalls and pristine lakes. There are also plenty of spots to embark on hiking, wild swimming or cycling adventures. 

It’s best to travel this route between May and November, but if you want to visit in the colder months, check the weather conditions and ensure that the roads are open.