VIDEO: Towing for beginners with the Caravan Club

Caravan Club instructor Colin Wilkie has over thirty-five years experience

For many novices and experienced caravanners alike, the act of towing can be a daunting one. Last year in 2009 saw a huge surge in interest in caravanning, and with it an increase in first-time caravan owners who have not previously towed a vehicle. Our traffic reports on radio and television regularly contain stories of overturned caravans on our motorways and roads, and so there has never been a better time to learn or brush up on the rules of towing.

Thankfully for us the Caravan Club runs a course that can help alleviate the fears of first-time towers and give experienced caravanners greater confidence. The Caravan Manouevers program takes you through the basic road positions and awareness needed to successfully tow an outfit, as well as comprehensive practical advice on reversing a caravan.

At the NEC last year our editor Marcus Dubois met up with course instructor Colin Wilkie from the Caravan Club. With thirty-five years of experience Colin was perfectly placed to give our man some advice. You can watch how they did by clicking on the video below.