Get ready for Stress Awareness Month

Someone measuring the pressure on a tyre

April is Stress Awareness Month, making now a good time to start thinking about ways you can reduce its impact on your life.

Getting away in a caravan or motorhome is an effective way to help alleviate stress and it fits in with many of the recommendations from the life coaches at BEN.

BEN is the charity for the automotive industry, offering advice and support for anyone who is or has been employed in this arena.

Spend time in nature

Having access to a leisure vehicle offers plenty of opportunities to get out in nature. It can come in many forms, with green therapy meaning you could head to the woods or blue therapy advocating for the sea.

Among the suggestions put forward by the life coaches to relax in nature were walking barefoot on the grass or taking a minute in the countryside to feel gratitude for your surroundings.

Connect with others

A trip away in your motorhome or caravan can be a great chance to spend quality time with your loved ones without the distractions of day-to-day life.

It can also be a great way to meet new friends, especially if you’re pitching up at a sociable holiday park, where you might all barbecue together or swap stories from your days’ activities.

Be on your own

Depending on your personality, it might actually be time on your own you crave, as opposed to socialising with others.

In that case, pack up your leisure vehicle and head somewhere secluded. Giving yourself space to do exactly as you please is a great form of self care and can leave you feeling refreshed to look after others if that’s your norm when you return.

Disconnect from technology

You may have a fully fitted out rig or perhaps are going back to basics in a minimalist campervan, but getting away can be a good time to disconnect from technology.

Without the need for so many screens and devices, some good old fashioned board games or time reading books might be just what you need in order to destress.

Enjoy exercise

Physical exercise pumps endorphins around your body helping you to feel less stressed, but it also gives you an outlet for emotions that have built up.

While most of us know the importance of exercise and its role in combatting stress, it can be difficult to fit it into our everyday routines. On your camping trip, you’ll have more time to walk, jog, dance or whatever your exercise of choice is.

Get organised

No matter how messy your house is, you can leave it all behind when you head off in your caravan or motorhome.

A leisure vehicle only has a finite amount of space, with shelves and lockers to stow everything away. It’s almost impossible to feel stressed when you see each item carefully put back in its place.