Motorhome & Caravan Show Special: Luxury With Travel World

Travelworld are the

By William Coleman

When it comes luxury motorhomes there are four words that everyone should know Niesman, Bischoff, travel and world. So if you have wondered what Niesmann & Bischoff, the world’s most luxurious motorhomes, look like pop round to see Travel World telford or visit them at the motorhome and caravan show 2017 or watch the video opposite.

Thats right there is a dishwasher in this motorhome as standard but that is just the start of the specification and luxury level. These motorhomes are more frequently seen on F1 paddocks or A-list celebrity driveway than in Birmingham so get in and see them while you can.

If you’re in the market for one – lucky you – the show is a great opportunity to see a large selection of these majestic beasts together so it is well worth a visit.