Lock n Level Unveil Second Levelling Innovation At The NEC

Make levelling easy from now on

By William Coleman

The NEC shows are full of innovative solutions for every aspect of caravan holidays. There are so many that it can be hard to pick one over the other which can lead to you ending up walking away empty handed. To help sift through levelling options check out the Lock’n’Level team and their brand new product.

I first noticed the Lock’n’Level about 18 months ago when I was walking around the October NEC show. At first I was not sure what I was looking at, all I could see was a big crowd and a blue object that looked like a heavy duty inflatable. As I got to the stand what I saw was pretty much an inflatable, but one that does a great job with a lot of ease on your part that will have you leisure vehicle perfectly level no matter what surface you’re on.

Levelling a caravan can sometimes be a right pain, especially if you are using blocks or if you are on a more….”rustic” site. So why not try something that is easy, safe and reliable?

The Lock’n’Level is basically an airbag, a British made product that will have your caravan level within a few minutes while you stand and wait. They are available for both single and twin axle caravans. .

This year the team has taken the product to the next level and designed a new product that will use the existing technology to level the massive American 5th Wheel caravans. The new Hi-5 can lift a 3500kg “5er” up to 5″ high and anywhere in between with a very minimal effort.

Using these products will make life easier and all you need is an air pump, electronic is possible. So if you are visiting the NEC this week make sure to head over and see Derek to find out more about how Lock’n’Level can save you a lot of time and effort.