Coachman 2020 Lineup Revisited

We take a fresh look at the newest vans

By William Coleman

Last year the CaravanTimes team saw the Coachman 2020 line up and it was hard to not like what was on display. As we enter the new season we take another look at what makes these caravans stand out from the crowd.

From the Arcadia to the Laser you will see as many similarities as differences as Coachman firmly believe in having a very high minimum standard across their range. And as I have said before there is not really an “entry level” van in the lineup, despite the differences in price.

Yes, there is a caravan that is an entry level price, the Arcadia 460, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck and anyone looking at a first time van on the smaller and cheaper side should be looking at Coachman.

Each caravan from every range comes from the factory with everything you need for a successful weekend or week away. If you want a much more advanced caravan there are quite a few optional extras with prices ranging from as little as £35 all the way to £3050, which gets you an E&P self levelling system just in case you were wondering.

The Acadia

This is what is considered, but is very different from others at this price, as the entry level Coachman caravan. From what I have seen of this range the only thing that makes this entry level is the price.

There are some manufacturers out there that do a lower price van just to keep up with their competition, but they are very much entry level and more often than not these vans go into the second hand market fairly fast.

The starting price, £21,800, will get you the 460 which is a twin bed 2 berth with a rear washroom and central kitchen.

Showing real innovation and market reach, Coachman have added staggering 10 different models to the Acadia range that have 2 to 5 berth options.


The VIP has, for a considerable amount of time, been Coachman’s flag ship van when it comes to sales. Their best seller is a competitive price when you look at the amount of luxury you get on board, not to mention yet more high level of finish.

From the outside the VIP vans may not look as futuristic and overly decorated as some vans on site but this is actually a good thing. For a while now I have been seeing some over the top decals on vans and have grown to enjoy the more simple vans who have stuck to a more traditional look.

2020 brings 5 models to the VIP roster which range from single and twin axles with 2-5 berth options.

Throughout each layout there is quite a lot of space. Both the kitchen and boutique bathrooms are spacious and comfortable and look very modern, think more house than caravan.

One thing that I absolutely love is the addition of a contactless phone charging pad. This shows that Coachman are trying to keep an eye on the tech world without overloading the van and making it look like the inside of an Apple Store.

There are also several other new additions this year:

  • Tibero interior steel chassis including locker design
  • Seitz superior one piece exterior door with high security locker system
  • Domestic style ladder radiator in bathroom
  • High security ibe key locking system

On certain models you’ll find additional under bed access lockers, which is new for this year’s line up as well as a stainless steel sink with glass lid.

There is a lot to look at if you think the VIP is for you and I think the main choice you make will be based on who will be using the van, couples or families.

Your buy in price will be around £25,425, which will get you the 460 2 berth single axle. The highest you’d shell out would be VIP 575 which gives you a double island bed with and a fold out at the front.

Laser and Laser Xcel

In the Laser range you will find the top of the mountain when it comes to Coachman and here you also find the new Laser Xcel models which provide so much space they need to be seen to be believed.

Coachman truly feel that the Laser is the benchmark for caravan luxury and really do pack a lot of comfort on board, but it does come with a price.

Across the 5 models you’ll find all the models sit on twin axles and are all 4 berths. So it is safe to say there are no basic features to be found here.

For 2020 Coachman have introduced two 8ft wide models to meet the growing demand for vans that are larger inside without being too tricky to tow.

These new wider vans have some unique features to show off:

  • 8ft wide fully bonded aerodynamic body shell with full width panoramic window
  • Dual locker storage system with designated gas locker
  • E&P self levelling system system
  • Kitchen design with enhanced work space and additional storage

So it is safe to say that Coachman does offer quite a wide variety that will suit the novice user and the seasoned veteran alike. With the rise in popularity of the wider van Coachman have gone the extra mile to make their 8ft vans more than just a van that is bigger than the average.