Will Brits ditch the seaside for the countryside in 2022?


The great British seaside holiday is a centuries’ long tradition, but Brits are set to be lured away from the beach to the countryside in 2022.

That’s according to data collected by Park Leisure, which found arrivals at its countryside resorts in Yorkshire and Herefordshire increased by 95 per cent over the past year.

Lisa Williams, director of marketing and holiday sales at Park Leisure, believes this trend will continue into 2022 as people seek the mental health and wellbeing benefits of the great outdoors.

She said: “Our coastal resorts have always been popular but the past year has seen a considerable spike in the parks with more access to the countryside. Over lockdown, many of us made a habit of getting out for walks and, as a result, developed a strong affinity to escaping into nature.

“For some, we imagine these holidays also provide a bit more of a break from the bustle of everyday life than the coastal locations, as people tend to visit beaches in droves during summer. Opting for a countryside location is a way to evade that.”

Another thing Ms Williams has highlighted is the importance to holidaymakers of giving back to the local community with their tourist pounds.

As a result, Park Leisure has made an effort to promote local businesses in its tourist guides and put ingredients from the areas surrounding its parks on the menus.

There was a strong trend for people getting pets in lockdown and now holidaymakers want to take them away with the family too.

Ms Williams highlighted that all Park Leisure sites are pet-friendly, but that the operator will be introducing more activities and organised events for pets in 2022.

Park Leisure runs 11 holiday sites across the UK, with some in the countryside and others by the coast, meaning you can follow the trend and head inland next year or stick to the beach.