Whale gets second factory to develop new caravan technology

The new Whale premises is located in Bangor, Northern Ireland

by Jack Beresford

Whale’s work in the developing new technology in the field of caravans and motorhome construction has received a shot in the arm after it was revealed that the company would be opening a new facility.

The plans will see Munster Simms Engineering Ltd open a special Technology and Polymer Centre at the firm’s Bangor address in Northern Ireland later this month.

This additional space will give Whale some 87,000 square feet to develop its testing laboratory and plastic injection mould shop.

It will also allow the firm to expand its provision of testing technology to include facilities for experimentation with cold and wind elements.

Other features include a life product and concept testing facility along with a design engineering section and software design development department.

Managing director Patrick Hurst noted that the expansion had come following a year of success for the firm, which he was keen to attribute to the efforts of those behind-the-scenes.

“Much of the company’s recent success is down to the excellent workforce. The team at Whale, their spirit and support of the business is its main strength.”

The new site will facilitate more Rapid Prototyping Machines (also known as 3D printers), which use initial CAD models to create parts at speed and is set to become an increasingly prominent tool in the next 12 months.