Use Pro-Tec Cover To Keep Your Van Warm And Safe

Bespoke covers made to order my Pro Tec Covers

By William Coleman

There have been a fair amount of frosty mornings over the past few weeks which has had people outside in sub temperatures scraping away and thick sheets of ice trying to get the caravan or motorhome ready to take on the open road. Why not invest in a cover that will save time defrosting as well as help keep your leisure vehicle safe and secure?

Pro-Tec Covers are now in their 30th year and are a leading manufacturer of bespoke covers for caravans and motorhomes. Over the past 3 decades they have been working directly with other industry leaders like Bailey Of Bristol and provided covers for leading industry bodies, such as the Caravan and Motorhome Club and the NCC.

One thing that Pro-Tec did that really stood out to me as the tailor-made cover they made for the world record breaking Lego caravan for the NCC. Who doesn’t love Lego? They’ve also attracted a celebrity customer or two and have made covers for Jamie Oliver, Martin Clunes, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame and Guy Martin, to name a few.

With such a large and varied customer base you have to wonder what has attracted so many prestigious customers to the small family owned Yorkshire firm? Quite simply, it is the quality of their covers. Pro-Tec employ tailoring professionals to individually measure every vehicle they have ever covered, ensuring a fit that is second to none.

All roof furniture on your van or motorhome will have its own allowance built into the cover, access to your habitation door will be included as standard and each full cover has their unique Easy-Fit System.

On top of the level of fit, the fabric they use is purpose designed for the vehicle cover market and made right here in the UK. It’s the most breathable waterproof purpose designed caravan and motorhome cover material available.

Protec have kept their covers at the forefront by continually improving their designs and coming up with innovative solutions to real problems faced by today’s caravanners. The Easy-Fit System is a Protec registered design, whereby the entire rear panel of the cover can be rolled up out of the way for ease of fitting.

Traditional caravan covers have to be lifted over the roof of the vehicle and then pulled down all 4 sides like a giant sweater. The Easy-Fit System means that the whole cover can simply be walked over your caravan from front to back, negating the need for ladders or well placed swear words.

As well as full protective covers, Protec also manufacture front towing covers to protect your caravan while it’s on the road.

Last year at the NEC February show, they launched their all new Towing Jacket. The Jacket has been incredibly well received by the caravanning community and more and more of them can be seen out and about on the roads today.

We have all experienced the carnage caused by suicidal bugs, the muck thrown up from winding country roads or maybe even been unlucky enough to suffer a stone chip. The Towing Jacket protects your investment against all these hazards while maintain access to your locker box and windows without the need to remove the cover.

On top of providing protection whilst in transit you cannot overlook the security benefits of having a cover of your caravan or motorhome while stored. For a reason that is beyond my comprehension leisure vehicle are a target for vandals and having one under a cover does seem to give you another level of protection.

Why, you may be asking yourself? Well it comes down to the old saying “out of sight out of mind”. Does a cover stop a vandal? No, but it does work as a strong deterrent. First of all it is not as eye catching as a fully exposed caravan and secondly the time is takes to remove a cover just to cause some random damage extends the chance of getting caught in the act.

So for practical and security reasons you should invest in a cover. We will be popping by and speaking with the Pro-Tec team next week at the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show, so if you are visiting pop by their stand, stand number 1208, and chat with the guys.