Truma XT motor mover range to launch at 2014 Caravan and Camping Show

The new Truma mover is lighter and easier to control

by Chris Jefferies
Truma is planning to roll out its next generation of motor movers at the 2014 Caravan and Camping Show, it has been announced.
The company, which also makes caravan heaters and water systems, has named the new batch of motor movers the XT and XT2.
These models stand out from their predecessors as they weigh up to 20kg less than the equivalent SE R from the old Truma range.
The weight has been shed because the unique brushless DC motor doesn’t need such a large battery to power it.
Motor movers are an increasingly popular option for a number of caravanning situations, such as parking on a tight driveway or reversing onto a tricky pitch.
With this in mind, Truma has improved the directional stability and manoeuvrability of its new range of German-built movers.
A statement released by the company claimed that this new ‘Dynamic Mover Technology’ allows the caravan to “move straight ahead like it’s on rails and… easily [overcome] any obstacles without drifting from side to side”.
What’s more, the controls have been redesigned with separate steering and acceleration buttons to allow for greater precision.
A moveable feast
The two models available at launch offer both single and twin-axle solutions. The XT is suitable for single-axle caravans that weigh less than 2,300kgs and on gradients of up to 13%.
The XT2 works on twin-axle caravans of up to 2,400kgs, but has a lower gradient limit of 10%.
Both models feature a new LED display that can give brief error messages (such as ‘low voltage’), which should make servicing and repairs easier.
Speaking of repairs, Truma will be offering a five-year parts warranty on all XT and XT2 models.
Pricing and further details will be available at the 2014 Caravan and Camping Show, which takes place at the Birmingham NEC from 18-23 February.
Other Truma products on display at the show will include the new CP plus control panel for the popular Truma Combi boiler, and a new range of solar panels from 23w to 150w.