Tracker system returns stolen Sprite caravan in 40 minutes

The model in question was a brand new Sprite

by Chris Jefferies
Swift has claimed a key victory in the battle against caravan thieves with the help of their new Tracker Retrieve system.
This state-of-the-art tracking device allows local police to be instantly notified when any unexpected movement is detected in the caravan.
And this system recently proved its worth, leading to a brand new Sprite caravan being returned to its owner within 40 minutes of it being reported as stolen.
West Yorkshire Police’s helicopter support unit was despatched to Cleckheaton to apprehend the suspect and managed to recover the vehicle in record time.
Swift Group has started fitting this system as standard on all Swift, Sterling and Sprite caravans from the 2013 season onwards.
Nick Page, Commercial Director at Swift Group, said: “We are always looking for key features that set our products apart and the Tracker Retrieve system is an important addition to give our customers peace of mind.
“Ultimately, as it becomes a recognised feature, we hope it will deter thieves from stealing a Swift Group product.”