The world’s fastest motorhome breaks world speed record in Germany

The team have made this motorhome reach incredible speeds

by Niki Greig

Now when we think of caravans and motorhomes on the road, we often think that slowest is safest but a team from Germany have recently set a world speed record for a motorhome.

The team, German suspension specialist Goldschmitt, have engineered a motorhome that has topped the world speed record, which they themselves set in the first place.

They smashed the previous record of 207kph, set with a Hymer Car motorhome, by 15mph with a new time of 222kmph. That equates to 138mph, almost twice the legal limit on British roads!

This time the company converted a Mercedes Viano Westfalia Van by optimising the engine and the chassis, but to keep in line with regulations the van was left as standard.

Inside the van, it’s all ready to go and camp in and even the pop-up roof was left in place.

Of course this wouldn’t be possible in Britain on the road but this is Germany and we all know of their Autobahns where speed isn’t an issue.

You can see the record breaking Viano in action in the video below, just don’t attempt to beat their record!

The record-breaking motorhome will be on display on Goldschmitt’s stand at the 2012 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon which runs from 25 August to 2 September 2012.