The new Alde Flow system

Running out of hot water is a thing of the past with the Alde Flow

By William Coleman

Alde is introducing its first-ever aftermarket tech to ensure that there is more than enough hot water to go around. Say goodbye to the morning shower block run and say hello to longer-flowing hot water.

Is there anything worse than being last in the shower and having about 20 seconds worth of warm water left? With the new Alde Flow system, there will be enough warm water to have the whole family showered stress-free and cold water- free. This new tech is also going to make a huge difference to those who like to go off-grid camping and want a hot shower after a day of activities.

We all know that a standard water heater just simply does not hold enough hot water, which soon runs cold if the family all shower one after the other. Alde has seen this as an issue that can be solved with an aftermarket fitting, the Alde Flow.

The Alde Flow – warm water for longer

Alde Flow is an additional water heater that connects to the Alde Compact 3020HE, something you must have for this to work. This new wonder gadget increases the surface area between the central heating and hot water. The water can be heated as it flows through the system without needing a large storage tank.

How it works

  • Coldwater is preheated in the Alde Flow and pumped on into the boiler’s hot water heater
  • The preheated water is heated to about 65ºC by the boiler’s high-efficiency gas burner/electric heater
  • In the thermostat mixer, hot water is mixed with cold water to a comfortable temperature for showering and hand washing

Benefits of an Alde Flow system

Having more hot water is something that can make a world of difference in the mornings, if not for your entire trip. With a system like this, you will have an extra 3.5 litres of continuous hot water, which will be warmed to 40ºC, once mixed with cooler water.

On top of that you also get all of this:

  • Compact solution directly connected to the boiler
  • Easily controlled via the Alde Control panel
  • Decreased waiting time
  • Longer showers
  • Also compatible with older Compact 3010/3020 (as extra hot water tank)

If you’re interested in having the Alde Flow retrofitted to your caravan you can contact Alde directly or find your nearest Alde dealer.