The Lake District’s coolest places to visit

When you think about Kendal, situated just a few miles from Lake Windermere, you probably picture a thriving market town with a fascinating history and stunning views. Most readers would agree that Kendal is a great destination for a touring holiday, but does that make it cool?

According to a recent feature in The Times, the answer is… yes! Kendal has been officially celebrated with a place on the publication’s list of ‘coolest’ postcodes to live in 2023 and it’s no surprise, either.

Lake District recognition on the list is fantastic, but many members of the CaravanTimes community will be well aware that it isn’t the only place in the area to boast cool credentials. 

Luckily, the experts at Pure Leisure have compiled a list of other cool and quirky destinations to visit on your next staycation in the Lake District and Lancashire. Plus, some of these locations will supercharge your Instagram game.

Haweswater Reservoir, Penrith

Also known as the Lake District’s answer to Atlantis, this quaint village is bustling with culture and historical trivia. Some visitors describe the remains of buildings as resembling sunbathing alligators and much like the reptiles, the best thing about Haweswater Reservoir sits just below the surface.

When the water level drops low enough, you’ll catch a glimpse of Mardale Green, a small hamlet lost to Mother Nature in the 1930s, when the reservoir was originally formed. The water only tends to drop low enough to expose this after an extended period of dry weather, which means a summer tour in the area could result in a rare sighting.

Fairy Steps, Milnthorpe

Situated close to the picturesque village of Beetham, the Fairy Steps are a thing of mythical legend and have been a tourist attraction since the 19th century. Appropriately named, the narrow flight of stone steps is thought to have been home to fairies and it’s said that those who manage to climb without touching the surrounding stone will be granted one wish.

But the Fairy Steps have a more macabre history, too. They represent one of the ‘corpse trails’ of years past. Locals throughout history used these paths to carry the coffins of their dead, who lost their lives in the remote areas of the lakes, for burial.

Alpaca walking in the Lake District

The hashtag #AlpacaWalking has now grossed over 1.5 million views on TikTok, implying the activity has picked up serious recognition and popularity among the younger generation of holidaymakers.

If you find yourself near the Keswick area, why not pay a visit to Alpacaly Ever After? The sanctuary has five different sites all spread out around the lakes. Visitors can meet and greet the animals, take them on a walk through the beautiful surroundings and, not to mention, they’re going to land you some bonus Instagram points.

Mike Morris, Pure Leisure Group’s marketing manager, added: “This sanctuary gives alpacas and llamas high-quality care while also allowing visitors to get in touch with nature by walking the gentle animals through the gorgeous landscape of the Lake District.”

Photo credit: urtimud.89 / Pexels