How TikTok is inspiring a new generation of caravan lovers

Since 2020, the interest shown in caravan holidays has piqued dramatically. Not too long before this, as well as the coming and going of a global pandemic, the popular social media app TikTok rose to fame.

When you add the cost of living climate to the mix, with many people switching the traditional flights abroad for a leisure vehicle staycation, it might not be too much of a stretch to suggest that social media has played a significant role in popularising the humble caravan holiday.

That’s certainly what new research by Seals Direct implies. UK domestic holidays have seen a six per cent increase since 2022, with the caravan industry here currently undergoing what is predicted to be a massive 18 per cent increase in profits by 2030.

It’s not just that people are enjoying more caravan holidays, either. Seals Direct also found that caravan renovations are increasing in popularity, with a 433 per cent rise in renovation products sold by the specialists since 2019.

Why are refurbished caravans more popular?

As domestic travellers continue to move away from flights, hotels and trips abroad, the UK tourism industry is set to benefit from additional revenue. Speaking on the rise in caravan popularity, Adam Howard, director and spokesperson for Seals Direct commented:

“We noticed that during and since COVID, there has been a steady increase in people looking to refurbish their existing vans, rather than buying new. A lot of caravans that have only been lightly used over the last decade are now being taken on the road on a more regular basis.

“These owners are looking to refurbish parts, such as the rubber seals and trims, to ensure that they are watertight, warm and comfortable.”

Since the pandemic, the demand for domestic holidays has increased and the most obvious reason for this is the higher cost of living causing all of us to restrict our budgets. However, the social media wave of leisure vehicle influencers is now stirring the younger generation to consider a caravan or motorhome holiday here in the UK.

The research from Seals Direct highlighted conversations with new leisure vehicle owners, who frequently expressed a preference for long weekend breaks in the UK, as opposed to a two-week stint abroad, for example.

Because of a higher demand for staycations, plenty of these new caravanners are looking to refurbish their second-hand vans, freshen them up and bring them back to life in a different way. In many cases, people are doing this before even embarking on their first trip in the vehicle.

Additionally, new-era leisure vehicles, produced within the last ten years, are fitted with parts bespoke to the original equipment manufacturer. As they need to be replaced due to age, owners might run into trouble finding affordable replacements.

Seals Direct is helping many of caravanning’s newest generation to manufacture like-for-like replacement parts for a small fraction of the cost of an original. 

The trend of leisure vehicle popularity is expected to continue for the foreseeable future and why shouldn’t it? More people getting involved in our community can only be a great thing!

Photo credit: Kampus Production / Pexels