Static caravan owners warned to brace for storm damage

In the wake of Storm Ciarán last week, which disrupted large parts of the UK, static caravan and lodge owners have been warned to prepare for an increased likelihood of storm damage as a result of climate change.

That’s according to Compass, a specialist provider of caravan and leisure insurance. The company saw a 16 per cent increase in claims relating to damage caused by storms between 2021 and 2022.

The insurer has now issued a warning to owners of static caravans to ensure they are prepared for storms and to also check they are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

During 2022, 32 per cent of static caravan claims received by Compass were due to storm damage. In one instance, an entire vehicle was destroyed, resulting in a whopping £148,590 claim.

Karen Stacey, managing director at Compass, commented: “Unlike brick and mortar holiday homes, static caravans are particularly susceptible to damage from storms or floods.

“Unpredictable weather events, especially flash floods caused by heavy rain on parched ground during the summer, can cause a significant amount of damage to static caravans.”

It’s (still) time to prepare for climate change

Flood warnings were issued across the south and east of the UK last week, as Storm Ciarán made its way across from the Atlantic. A combination of heavy rainfall, sodden ground and swollen rivers provided a perfect environment for what was categorised by meteorologists as a ‘bomb cyclone’.

In fact, only two events with comparably low pressure have ever been recorded in the southern part of the UK. Throughout October, large areas of Britain experienced more than double the average amount of rainfall. 

Current research indicates storms like Ciarán, with heavy rainfall and strong winds, will only become more prevalent throughout northern Europe. Additionally, recent events have highlighted the fact that society has yet to adapt to worsening climate conditions.

Whether you own a caravan, motorhome or campervan – don’t take global warming for granted. We know that conditions are likely to worsen, so make sure to take the appropriate measures to keep yourself and your leisure vehicle safe from adverse weather.

Photo credit: Frank Cone / Pexels