Spaceship on wheels: the Monopod 660 caravan from IH Leisure

Out of this world: the Monopod 660 is the first ever caravan from IH Leisure

by Marcus Dubois

It’s not often in the world of caravanning that a new manufacturer comes to the table, let alone a company offering wildly futuristic and unusual designs. Motorhome maker IH Leisure have taken a different approach when launching their first ever caravan, penning a space-age vehicle that breaks new boundaries in design.

The Monopod 660 draws upon twenty years in the leisure industry to create a high-end luxury caravan with an extraordinary striking look. The name derives from the one piece monocoque body shell, a design technique taken from the automotive industry which allows stresses and strains on the vehicle to be carried by the outer skin.

The front section is reminiscent of a helicopter with its slanted separate windows and curved front, while the design allows for a pure shape with few visible joins.

Premium luxury

Inside the Monopod 660 feels like stepping into a boutique hotel from another age, with warm contrasting tones and rich woods. The Truma blown air heating system is used throughout, while the lounge area is large and well appointed with comfortable foam back rests.

An initial selection of three example layouts were shown, though the Monopod will be available with a range of configurations. All are four-berth, with one sporting a rear bathroom and side dinette; another focused around a central galley kitchen; and the last a fixed bed.

Colour match your caravan

If the uniform look of white caravans feels over-familiar to you, then the Monopod may appeal. Although the show model was presented in a silver-green metallic hue, the caravan can be custom-painted to match your towcar.

Meanwhile IH Leisure is offering a tailored service where customers can make bespoke adjustments to suit their requirements. A wide range of additional options are also available.

The catch? Prices for the IH Leisure Monopod 660 start from £41,995.

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