Solar-powered RV takes green caravanning to the next level

The campervan's condensation capture technology can generate water from air.

by Myron Jobson

The UK caravanning industry has recently embraced the idea of sustainability and ‘green caravanning’. Now our American cousins are attempting to take it to a new level.

Robrady Designs is planning to create a luxurious yet ecologically sustainable motorhome. The campervan is slimmer than the traditional American RV, and therefore more fuel efficient – a good selling point at a time of high fuel costs.

Green caravans is not a new concept, with solar panels on roofs of caravans becoming commonplace in the UK.

What’s particularly newsworthy about the Robrady RV is how its features mark the next step in the evolution of ‘green caravanning’.

While British caravans feature solar panels to charge the leisure battery and keep the lights running, this American RV will have a solar-powered engine.

The sizable solar panels on the roof and awnings and hydrogen fuel cells have been installed as an alternative power source to fossil fuels.

The campervan includes charging points for electric motorbikes and Segways but the most impressive feature is its condensation capture technology, which generates water from air.

This hugely ambitious campervan is still in the prototype stage and there is no indication of when to expect to appear on the British streets.

However, the development of such a revolutionary caravan marks a small step for man, but one giant step for environmentally friendly caravans.